Transporting perishables is among our expertise. Whether you are transporting fruits, vegetables, flowers, pharmaceuticals or any time-sensitive goods that require special treatment and temperature-controlled facilities, we got it covered for you.

Our cargo experts will ensure they are kept in their original condition throughout the entire air transport process until they reach their final destination.

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Guaranteed Space No
Weight Restriction Yes
Load/Unload Priority Yes
Service Coverage SV NW
Booking Time Yes
Acceptance Time 4 hrs
Delivery Time 2 hrs
Special ULDs Yes
In-Route Tracking Yes
  • Pre-planning arrangements with concerned parties.
  • Special temperature–controlled refrigerators and freezers.
  • Special handling procedures according to IATA rules and regulations.
  • Flown as booked.
  • Quick delivery upon arrival.
  • Fly Vegetables.
  • Fly Press.
  • Fly Fruits.
  • Fly Chocolate.
  • Fly Meat.
  • Fly Hatching Eggs.