Saudia Cargo and SIMAH sign agreement to develop comprehensive credit reports for clients and improve credit risk management

Saudia Cargo signed an agreement with the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) to provide up-to-date credit history reports in order to ensure that all its credit transactions are trustworthy. The agreement reflects Saudia Cargo’s efforts to enhance its credit transactions and determine credit ratings of its current and potential clients. It was signed by Omar Talal Hariri, CEO, Saudia Cargo and Khalid Al-Shareef, CEO, SIMAH at the Saudia Cargo head office in Jeddah. “Our collaboration with SIMAH will increase confidence in credit transactions and analyze the credit history of our clients in line with the Credit Information Law and its implementing regulations. This agreement is instrumental in improving the management of credit risks and enhancing the quality of financial transaction completion,” explained Hariri, stressing the importance of transparent exchange of credit history and information reports for all clients. Al-Shareef, for his part, described the agreement as essential because it serves a new sector other than the telecom sector and comes in line with SIMAH’s objectives announced in 2004. SIMAH aims to provide services and products for all sectors including financial, economic, investment, industrial, judicial, logistics as well as private and public sectors. Its primary objective is to ensure transparent exchange of credit information and enhance quality of such information. Saudia Cargo operates flights to over 100 international destinations through 20 hubs across all continents. Providing high-quality logistic services through a dedicated freighter fleet and ample capacity on passenger flights, delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for cargo services around the world.
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