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A written claim for compensation for lost, damaged, or delayed cargo while in care and control under the terms of a transportation contract is recognized as a cargo claim. Online claims are processed efficiently and quickly by Saudia Cargo.
Claim Type
Time Limit

Requirements of Making a Claim

An intent to claim / preliminary letter must be submitted within time limit of conditions of contract through either of these main channels:
  • Saudia Cargo Station GSA
  • Saudia Cargo Station GHA
  • The nearest Saudi Cargo Station or Saudi Arabian Airlines office
  • Mail to P.O. Box: 620 CC: 12772130 Jeddah: 21231, K.S.A

Letter Structure

A formal claim letter must be submitted, bearing the claimed amount and a comprehensive description of the claim. The letter should be signed and stamped by either the shipper or consignee, as indicated on the master AWB, and include the following details:


    Please take note that the calculation of the time limit for your claim will be based on the date when we receive your request, not the date in the letter. To ensure your right to claim within a two-year period, we strongly recommend submitting your notice of intent to claim as soon as you discover any issues with your shipment, such as damage, loss, or delays.

    When filing a claim, the following documents and attachments are essential to process your claim efficiently and effectively:
    • A copy of the Air Waybill (AWB)
    • Damage Report issued by the originating station
    • Survey Report
      [ if deemed necessary ]
    • Commercial Invoices, with specific emphasis on the mishandled goods within the invoices
    • Packing List, highlighting the mishandled items
    • Customs Report
      [ if available ]
    • Proof of delivery “POD”
      [ if available, not required for total loss claims ]
    • Subrogation letter, printed on official company letterhead, bearing the stamp and signature of an authorized representative
      [ necessary if the claimant is not the shipper or consignee ]

    For Inquiries:

    Working Hours:
    from 8 AM till 4 PM (+3 GMT),
    Saudi local time,
    Sunday to Thursday.
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