Skyteam Specialized

We understand the importance of nurturing unique cargo, whether it's delicate raspberries, fragrant flowers, majestic horses, life-saving vaccines, delectable foodstuffs, or high-speed racing cars. Name the product, and rest assured, we've got you covered in every sense, both literally and figuratively!

Controlled Temperature Transport for Pharmaceuticals

Saudia Cargo is committed to ensuring safe and secure air transport of pharmaceuticals and life sciences products. We introduced Specialized Pharma, a solution that safeguards these products in their natural state and secured the IATA’s CEIV Pharma certification to guarantee our clients the pharma services uninterrupted. Key features include careful handling, rigorous temperature checks, and temperature monitoring. We operate under a robust GDP quality system, a dedicated climate control team, and expedited clearance through KSA customs and the SFDA. We prioritize the well-being of our cargo.
  • Our Active Containers
    We take on any kind of shipment
    • Access to integrated leasing options for Envirotainer, Dokasck, or CSafe active containers
    • Availability of T-Type containers (RAPs & RKNs) with the option for replenishing dry ice and batteries as needed.
    • Pricing that is not only competitive but also practical.
    • Dedicated and certified Pharma Handling teams, ensuring your cargo is in expert hands.
  • Our Passive Containers
    • Access to integrated lease options for advanced passive containers from Va-Q-Tec or SkyCell.
    • Prioritized breakdown of pallets and containers to guarantee efficient handling.
    • Temperature-controlled storage and handling at key locations, safeguarding your cargo.
    • Rigorous temperature checks at departure and arrival points for quality assurance.
    • A comprehensive GDP Quality System supported by a well-trained staff.
    • A dedicated climate control organization and a responsive team available every day of the year.
    • Real-time updates via SMS or email, keeping you informed throughout the shipping process.
    • Swift clearance facilitated through Saudi Arabia customs and the SFDA.

Dedicated Pharma Facility

SAL - Saudia Arabian Logistics (Cargo Ground Handling) goes above and beyond when it comes to pharmaceutical handling, boasting dedicated facilities at its JED, RUH, and DMM hubs.
    By expanding our products and introducing the Fresh categories, Saudia Cargo adheres to the highest international standards and offers value-added services that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Our wide selection includes the use of:
      • Candy
        We don't underestimate life's little joys, and when it comes to fresh candy, we ensure our clients and customers get the ultimate flavors in all their sweet glory - as the manufacturer intended! Thanks to our smart fresh items shipping methodology, we get encouraged by every sweet tooth'ed grin and smile!
      • Dairy
        Dairy is the cream of life, and its purity signifies health, well-being and of course, heavenly rich flavors! This is why Saudia Cargo carries a strict policy to deliver dairy products in the same flavorsome freshness as the day they were made.
      • Meat
        For products that can't tolerate even the smallest temperature difference, we elevate the idea of protection to a whole new level. Our main concerns while transporting meat are quality assurance and maintaining the product's authentic, unadulterated freshness. It's all about savoring the lovely sensations, which are reminiscent of deliciousness from farm to table. This is how we make sure your experience with beef is a true gourmet joy!
      • Plants
        Plants require special care in transit. Through our tailored solutions and technology, perishables remain unaffected by even slight temperature variations. Nature's bounty deserves no compromise, but rather, ultimate protection so we can offer you a green paradise - as it was first harvested - when it arrives to you.
      • Seeds
        These delicate yet sturdy perishables require breathing through a temperature-controlled shipping environment. The journey of the seed via cargo demonstrates the complexity of modern food supply chain. We work on a fine balance, by first ensuring ventilated cold-chain solutions through the journey, for these fine origins of life.
      • Fish & Seafood
        We truly appreciate seafood freshness, and demonstrate our passion for fish and seafood by world-class standards and best practices. We work on the highest level of protection for these sensitive goods that cannot tolerate the slightest fluctuations in temperature. Our satisfaction comes in knowing we have delivered the finest delicacies in all their original glory.
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