Saudia Cargo Transports Horses for International Show Jumping Events in Jeddah

Saudia Cargo proudly announces its strategic partnership with Trio Sporting, marking a significant step in promoting equestrian sports and contributing to the Kingdom's cultural and economic renaissance. This landmark partnership will be showcased at an upcoming International Show Jumping (IST) tournament in Jeddah, promising to be a milestone event in the equestrian world, boasting over 200 horses in participation . 

Last year, Saudia Cargo achieved a historic milestone by transporting 78 horses in 26 stables aboard a Boeing 747, showcasing its logistical prowess and unwavering dedication to equine well-being. This record-setting feat marked a pivotal moment in the company's journey, emphasizing its commitment to providing specialized care. Thoroughbred horses, treated as elite athletes, experience a regal journey through 'Horse Solutions’, Saudia Cargo's customized service adhering to the highest animal care standards. 

Ayman Osilan, Executive Director Marketing of Saudia Cargo, emphasized the broader impact of the partnership, saying, "This strategic partnership is a testament to our commitment to excellence in equestrian events. Our mission goes beyond logistics, we are dedicated to nurturing the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and supporting the Kingdom's sporting traditions. The partnership aims to position Saudia Cargo as a trusted and reliable partner for horse transportation, leveraging its expertise in ensuring the safe and comfortable movement of horses and solidifying our prominent role in the equestrian community.”

Beyond logistics,  Saudia Cargo continues to contribute to the Kingdom's aspirations for economic diversification in accordance with Vision 2030. Aligning with high-profile events like the Saudi Cup, Polo competitions, and horse jumping shows, Saudia Cargo’s track record reaffirms its position as a dynamic catalyst for cultural engagement and economic growth.
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